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Twizted Metal-Choker
Juanita Burton

MSG Annual Meeting Lecture: An Extended Rationale for the Ridiculous by Andrew Kuebeck September 28th at 3:30

July 30, 2014 by Christine Bossler

SpeciMen by Andrew KuebeckMSGs Annual Meeting, Tool Swap and Lecture will feature Andrew Kuebeck as this years Lecture. Andrew will present a lecture on his work titled An Extended Rationale for the Ridiculous. About Andrew Kuebeck: Andrew Kuebeck received his BFA from Bowling Green State University in 2008 and his MFA in Jewelry Design and Metalsmithing from Indiana University in 2011. He is an Instructor of Jewelry Design and Metalsmithing at Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio. Andrew works in a variety of formats ranging from functional jewelry to sculptural objects and vessels, and has lectured and has taught workshops nationally on the incorporation of photographic images into jewelry pieces and vessels. He has exhibited regionally & nationally and has had his work appear in numerous publications including 500 Enameled Objects, 21st Century Jewelry, Wrap, Stitch, Fold, and Rivet, and Metalsmith and Niche magazines. He was a 2012 SNAG Emerging Artist and is represented by Charon Kransen Arts, New York. For additional information about Andrew and to see more of his work click the image to the write of follow the link below.

CALL FOR ENTRY: PREZIOSA Young Design Competition

July 2, 2014 by Emily Saling

Click here for details.The competition does not have a predetermined theme, and the selection will be made based on: Quality of design and manufacture of the pieces; Originality in the use and interpretation of the materials; Conceptual and technical innovation.

"WE ARE SNAG: Identity" Call for entries.

July 2, 2014 by Emily Saling

Click here for details.WE ARE SNAG: Identity seeks images of traditionally crafted, contemporary, and experimental new works from any current member of SNAG. This online juried exhibition intends to represent the incredibly diverse work and making practices of our membership and is open to jewelry work, metals work, metalsmithed objects, body ornamentation and the like.

CALL FOR ENTRY: Martha Stewart American Made

July 2, 2014 by Emily Saling

Click for details.American Made spotlights the maker, supports the local, and celebrates the handmade. The program is made up of people and communities that have turned their passion for quality craftsmanship and well-designed goods into a way of life. We believe we are in the midst of a shift in our culture where creative entrepreneurs are defining a new American economy. From Detroit to Des Moines, Spokane to St. Louis, people are choosing Main Street over mini-mallssupporting the local and the handmade. Our countrys makers are sparking this change by taking a leap, banking on their creativity and craftsmanship, and living their version of the American dream.

Researchers Discover Bacteria That Produces Pure Gold

October 5, 2012 by Christine Bossler

Click here to read the full article as writen by Jesus Diaz for GizmodoThe gold you see in the photo above was not found in a river or a mine. It was produced by a bacteria that, according to researchers at Michigan State University, can survive in extreme toxic environments and create 24 karat gold nuggets. Pure gold. Maybe this critter can save us all from the global economic crisis? Of course not, but at least it can make Kazem Kashefi, assistant professor of microbiology and molecular genetics, and Adam Brown,associate professor of electronic art and intermediaa bit rich, if only for the show they have put together.

Company plans to mine asteroids for riches

April 24, 2012 by Christine Bossler

Click here for full article as written by SETH BORENSTEIN, Associated PressSpace faring robots could be extracting gold and platinum from asteroids within 10 years if a new venture backed by two Silicon Valley titans and filmmaker James Cameron gets off the ground as planned. Outside experts are skeptical about the project because it would probably require untold millions or perhaps billions of dollars and huge advances in technology. But the same entrepreneurs pioneered the selling of space rides to tourists a notion that seemed fanciful not long ago, too.

MSG Annual Meeting Lecture: Andrew Kuebeck, Sunday, September 28th at 3:30

  • When: September 28, 2014
  • Where: Eastern Michigan University, Briggs Hall
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Events will get under way at 12:30 with the tool swap, shopping for goods with our local suppliers and the opportunity to update your memberships. Our meeting will begin at 1:30 and will run approximately an hour with the inclusion of a recap of the years events a vote for new and returning board members. After the meeting there will be time for more shopping catching up with friends and peers and lunch before our lecture with titled An Extended Rationale for the Ridiculous by our member and friend Andrew Kuebeck at 3:30. Please see the news event for additional information about our Lecture.

Glass Painting & Party

* One base piece of glass to paint on (a vase, a wine glass, a glass mug) You are welcome to bring your own glass to paint on.* Painting techniques / instructions (pattern development, not a decal I have many patterns and shapes for you to choose from.) * Paint supplies * You are welcome to bring wine or soda Note from Nancy: These excuses are not accepted: "I am not creative." "I cannot draw." "This tooks too dificult." "I have prepared an interesting project for everyone." You do need to beable to hold a pencil, follow simple directions, have a preference for flowers, horse, cats, birds, dogs etc. Sign up now.rn

Introduction to Fold Forming with Lesley DiPiazza

Fold forming has taken the metalsmithing world by storm, and here is your opportunity to join in. Learn to turn your sheet metal into three- dimensional forms using metalsmithing hammers, providing interest and architecture to your work. As a side benefit, all that pounding is a great stress reliever and fun too! One session, 3 hours. Saturday, August 2, 2- 5 p.m.

Outdoor Wind Chime (Beginning Forging)

Metal and Glass. LEARN and construct an outdoor wind chime. * Learn to use glass hand tools, glass grinder, and drill to score, break, grind, and drill colorful glass sheet to make elements for your project * Learn some forging, texture and fold forming techniques to make meta components for your wind chime. Depending on your incoming skills and design choices, you can concentrate and spend your timeon theelements thatinterest you. Includes most materials, you may choose to take your time, take a little lunch break, work after lunch to finish (it does take time to put it all together) You can bring elements from home that you would like to include

Art & Business for Emerging Artists

CALLING ALL EMERGING ARTISTS: Join us for our first full-day conference to learn how to approach art as a business. Featuring: Key Artist Speakers, Creative Activities, Grants and Gallery Information, Resource Vendors, and Key Networking Opportunities. Advance registration is required; space is limited.

NEW CLASS! Advanced Fold Forming - Forged Line Folds with Lesley DiPiazza

Because of their elegant and simple aesthetics, forged line folds easily lend themselves to jewelry applications, and make especially great earrings and pendants. This class will explore a variety of forged line folds and their uses. Please note: the introduction to Fold Forming is not a prerequisite to this class, but it is highly recommended prior to taking this class. One session 3 hours. Saturday August 16, 1- 4 p.m.

Basic Metalsmithing with Kyle Dill

Basic Metalsmithing with Kyle Dill: This is the perfect class if you are new to the jewelry & metalsmithing world, or just want to enhance your fundamental skill set. Among the basic techniques that will be covered are sawing, filing, drilling, sanding, & dapping. Tool use, care & maintenance will also be addressed. Students will gain valuable hands- on experience & practice . One session. 3 hours. Wednesday, August 20 6:00- 9:00pm

Sand / Frit Jewelry

Friday, August 22 and back to finish the following Fridayrnincludes materials. Working within a narrow vertical slot you willrnmanipulate compatible powders called frit with a narrow metal tool. You will beable to make a few pendant sized pieces.

Introduction to Fused Link Loop in Loop Chains

Tour the jewelry section of any ancient history museum and you will find an amazing array of intricate chains, all constructed of fused links. Using a torch and fine silver wire, students will first learn the process of fusing, or joining metal together without the use of solder. Then once the links are completed, they will learn to shape and interweave them together into a variety of historical chain styles. TWO sessions 3hours each Saturday Aug23 and Sept 6 10- 1p.m.

New Class! Toolmaking with Kyle Dill

Toolmaking: With the abundance of wonderful tools on the market, sometimes the right tool just isn't quite right, isn't readily available, or is too expensive. The ability to fabricate your own custom tools will solve those dilemmas, and you will never be wanting for just the right stamp, texturing tool, punch, chasing tool, etc. ever again. Class will begin with discussion of suitable metals for tool fabrication, then Kyle will guide you through the steps in successful tool making, finishing and heat treatment, and tool modification. One session, 4 1/2 hours. Saturday August 23, 2- 6:30 p.m.

Traditional Prong Setting- Classic Round with Mary Kernahan

Do you love the drama of colored stones in your work? Have you had enough of bezel and tube setting? Would you love to add the sparkle of faceted stones to your pieces, but don't have a clue as to how to go about properly executing a promg setting? Emily is here to help. This class will introduce you to all aspects of traditional prong setting, from prong selection and stone considerations, to preparing the prong head and cutting a stone seat, to setting and finishing. The focus of this class is classic round prong settings (other shapes to follow in subsequent classes), and you will gain valuable hands- on experience using sterling silver prongs and cubic zirconia. Sign up early as class size is limited. One session, 3 hours. Wednesday August 27 6- 9 pm

Powder Coating

Add some color to your metalwork with powder coating. This class will introduce students to powder coating, and electrostatic method of adhering pigment to metal surfaces. Powder coating provides a smooth even finish that is more durable than paint. This workshop will introduce students to the basics of powder coating and will cover the materials and tools required to perform the process. Students will have the opportunity to make samples to power coat, but the emphasis of the workshop will be on powder coating itself. Limit 6 students. Saturday, August 30th -#45; Sunday, August 31st. 10am - 4pm. 2 days, 5 hours with an hour break for lunch each day.

Beginning Silversmithing

This class will introduce students to basic silversmithing and hollow forming techniques including forging, hollow form construction, die forming and soldering. Students will complete samples while working towards the completion of a box or similar hollow form. Limit 6 students. Classes meet 3 hours once a week. Mondays, 6-9pm. September 8th-October 13th.

Beginning Jewelry

In this beginning level course students will learn basic jewelry fabrication techniques including sawing, filing, sanding, soldering, riveting and finishing. Skills taught in this course can be applied to a variety of jewelry forms including rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more. Students will complete several small projects and samples during the course while working towards one or more substantial works. Limit 8 students. Classes meet 3 hours once a week. Tuesdays, 6-9pm. September 9th-October 14th.

New Class! Riveted Belt Buckle with Kyle Dill

Belt Buckles perform dual duty- they're functional and decorative. Join Kyle and learn to fabricate your own buckle findings, then feed your creative side by embellishing your buckle through the use of rivets. Rivets open up vast design possibilities by allowing you to join contrasting metals, stones and other heat sensitive materials together without the use of heat or solder. Your future work and creativity will benefit greatly. One session, 3 hours. Wednesday September 10, 6- 9 p.m.

Freeform Casting with Mary Kernahan

If you want to create interesting organic shapes or just want to find an outlet for using up all of that scrap metal, then you should definitely consider this class. This direct casting method is a low- tech approach using a variety of readily available materials to produce highly dimensional forms. Casting for this session will be done with pewter. One session, 3 hours. Saturday Sept 13 10- 1:30

Chasing and Repousse with Kyle Dill

The ancient techniques of chasing and repousse are two of the most versatile techniques in all of metalsmithing . Both involve the use of metal punches to manipulate metal to create form, detail and relief, culminating in endless possibilities for 3- dimensional surface embellishment. First Kyle will introduce you to the fundamental tools, supplies and processes involved, then he will guide you as you gain practical experience in the techniques. You will come away with new and improved skills that will open up a whole universe of fresh design possibilities. One session 3 hours. Wednesday September 17, 6- 9 p.m.

New Class! Fibula and Brooch Findings with Kyle Dill

The forerunner to the modern safety pin, the fibula has been in use since ancient times, as both a clasp mechanism for clothing and as personal adornment. Today's fibulae are brooches in which the actual pin mechanism is an integral part of the design. Whether forged or fabricated, they offer a wide range of artistic possibilities, making for endless design options. One session 3 hours. Tuesday September 23, 6- 9 p.m.

Saltwater Etching with Mary Kernahan

Chemical etching is a great way to introduce texture, contrast and interest to your metal work, but can be messy and toxic. If you are looking for a safer, greener, and ultimately more economical solution to your etching needs, saltwater etching may be just what you are seeking. Using a variety of resist techniques and energy sources, students will learn the process of saltwater etching, and will leave with the knowledge to set up their own etching equipment at home using easily obtainable and inexpensive equipment. One session, 3 hours. Wednesday, Sept 24, 6- 9 pm.

Gypsy Set Ring with Lesley DiPiazza

Gypsy and other related flush settings, involve carving a seat into thick metal and hammering the newly created rim down to secure the stone, embedding the stone in the surface and providing a very clean and secure setting. Success of this centuries old setting technique is dependent on metal considerations, stone characteristics, bur selection, and design elements, all of which will be covered in this class. BASIC TORCH SOLDERING SKILLS REQUIRED. Class size is limited to 4 students, so sign up early. One session 4 hours. Saturday Sept 27, 1- 5 p.m.

Silver Granulation with Lesley DiPiazza

Granulation is a decorative metalsmithing process of applying tiny beads, or granules, in decorative patterns on the surface of metal using eutectic bonding. Students will leave class with multiple finished projects of their own design. Beginning & advanced students are welcome. One session, 3 hours. Saturday,October 4 1- 4 PM

Couples Wedding Band Workshop

In this two day workshop couples will learn how to make their own wedding rings using silver, gold, or platinum. All of the basics will be covered including measuring, sawing, forming, soldering, filing, sanding and polishing. We will also cover texturing. No metals experience is needed. Limit 4 couples. Saturday, October 11th -#45; Sunday, October 12th. 10am - 4pm. 2 days, 5 hours with an hour break for lunch each day.

Roll Printing with Lesley DiPiazza

Learn how to use the rolling mill to create a variety of unique textures on sheet metal! Students will be encouraged to experiment with a variety of materials and leave class with multiple sheets of textured metal. As a bonus students will also learn how to properly and efficiently anneal sheet metal. One session, 3 hours. Saturday Oct 11, 1- 4 p.m.

Beginning Blacksmithing

This class will introduce students to blacksmithing by focusing on various forging techniques including tapering, shouldering, fullering, twisting, drifting and more. We will also cover non-forging techniques such as riveting, cutting, grinding, drilling and finishing. Students will complete several small projects and samples during the course while working towards one or more substantial works. Limit 3 students. Class meets 3 hours a week. Monday evenings, 6pm-9pm, October 20th-November 24th.

Basic Soldering with Lesley DiPiazza

Whether you are new to soldering or just looking to increase your skills, this class is for you. Lesley will guide you through the theory & practice of butane & acetylene torch soldering. Students will get valuable hands- on experience in class & leave with the knowledge & confidence to solder at home. This class fills quickly, so sign up early! One session, 3 hours. Saturday,Oct 25 1- 4 p.m.

Anticlastic Forming with Kyle Dill

Known for its structural strength and graceful beauty, anticlastic forming simultaneously stretches metal into opposing curves that are in right angles to each other (think a saddle shape). Using a sinusoidal stake and a cross pein hammer, Kyle will guide you through the anticlastic process, and when you're done you will be ready to integrate your new skills to your small and large- scale work. One session, 3 hours. Picture shown is for example only and not to reflect what will be made in class. Wednesday, October 29 6-9 p.m.

FERROUS MUSINGS/FUSINGS I- MSG Visiting Artist Workshop with Chris Nelson

  • When: November 14, 2014
  • Where: Grand Valley State University
  • Contact: Julie Sanford, 616-638-0518
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FERROUS MUSINGS/FUSINGS I is a fast-moving 3-day workshop in iron and gold where we will explore the techniques and materials required to create distinctive ferrous jewelry incorporating one gold alloy fused to iron. rnrnChris Nelson is an internationally recognized studio metal artist who has explored the use of iron and gold in great depth and will now be sharing all that he has learned in working these seemingly antagonistic metals.